Portland Film Festival 2014

Last November I began inviting filmmakers and authors to participate on panel discussions at the Portland Film Festival. Thanks to Steve Doughton, we’re fortunate to have Jon Raymond on the screenwriting panel. Raymond has a collection of short stories, Livability, featuring the Pacific Northwest (most take place in Portland), and he’s made four movies set in Oregon with Kelly Reichardt, including Night Moves and Meek’s Cutoff. PDXFF14indie

I first discovered Ted Chiang in an article about a movie, Enemy, that mentioned the director’s next project, Story of Your Life. Ted Chiang is a 21st century Borges, a master of short fiction. His story, Understand, is also slated for a screen adaption. PDXFF14scifi

We’ve also got the area’s hottest literary agent, Fiona Kenshole, moderating a panel discussion on adapting books to film. She’s worked with major directors and screenwriters, acquiring and adapting books and original scripts into movies, including the Academy-nominated Coraline. See portlandfilmfestival.com to discover what we’ve prepared for you. PDXFF14booksI put together the posters using Photoshop and InDesign.

An essential commodity is food.


In the industrialized world, most people buy their food rather than raise it themselves. If money can’t buy you a meal, the currency has little value. Mass starvation happens throughout history, in the recent past, and right now. Hunger is constant. Temporarily relieved, you may forget it even exists. If you couldn’t purchase food at the market, how much food could you get by hunting, gathering, and growing?

Identity is a social condition.


Who you are with your family can be different from who you are at work. An identity that is useful in one situation could be abhorrent in another. Creating an identity is natural, it can happen without conscious manipulation. You have a core identity that adapts around the edges to accommodate each situation. An individual can do many things but the useful action comes to the fore. It becomes your role in society.