My name is Arthur Smid. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon and majored in Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Oregon. I moved to Portland in 2000 and took classes at DO Jump! and the Brody Theater. My partner and I traveled to the Cervantino International Theater Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico in 2001 and migrated through Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Boliva, Peru and Ecuador.

While experiencing other cultures, I began to teach English as a Second Language. In 2002, I accepted a teaching job in a small town in Shikoku, Japan. I taught classes at night and had the days to write and make art. When I returned to Portland in 2003, I found work in the art dept at Bent Image Lab. In 2006, I started tutoring Latin American immigrants, and the next year I decided to teach in Spain. I worked with the Madrid branch of Foster Wheeler, helping their senior engineers to improve their written and spoken communication.

I came home in August 2008, and I’m really happy to be living in Southeast Portland. I am a writer helping people communicate. Currently I work with Bear Trust International as a social media manager, posting pictures and articles about wild bears and their habitat. If you have a story to tell, or a new business you want people to hear about – even if you just want someone to listen – please contact me: smidarthur at gmail dot com