Graphic Design for Oregon Environmental Justice

OPAL is a nonprofit in Portland doing advocacy for environmental and social justice. I volunteered to help out and they asked for some graphic design: new business cards, letterhead, MailChimp header, social media templates, Thank You card, and a poster.

OPAL Business Card

My first task was to create a vector graphic of their circle logo, name, and tagline (what you see on the back of the card) from a 74 KB jpeg file. OPAL needed the vector logo ASAP because they didn’t have an .ai file on hand for the logo and it looked fuzzy on their social media (74 KB is small!), and especially when sized up.

OPAL Back of Card

On the business card I used curves of light and dark green circle within circles as a design element to echo their logo. The curves seen on the back of card became the visual motive that integrates their visual communications. We used that on the letterhead, MailChimp header, and Thank You card. The social media template allowed OPAL to have volunteers insert photos and quotes to create a unified campaign. I experimented with color halftone on the photo for visual style:

OPAL Social Media

OPAL asked if I could create a graphic from one of their student volunteer’s drawings to clarify the image while keeping the spirit of the original. I made the poster as a vector graphic with Illustrator so it could be scaled to any size.

YEJA Poster

Youth Environmental Justice Alliance. Feel it! To experiment with the animation feature inside Photoshop, I made a GIF for social media. Here’s a quick-assembly limited animation:

Bus Riders Unite GIF

OPAL is a great place to get involved with your community!


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