Chapbooks: Dreams, Poems, and Statements

So many notebooks! Yes, I still keep a notebook with me, with real paper. This is utilitarian (notes!) and a place to create. From those pages I’ve put together a few collections. Here are the covers I created for each chapbook; and I made the photo taken at Mt. Tabor with some help from Photoshop. Please click the covers to read my back-of-book descriptions:

Freedom of Sleep

Around the turn of the century I began a dream journal and found that writing them down upon awakening helped with recall. That was fun. At the time I also did creative writing and would type my poems and stories from my notebook to a word processor. I decided to type the dream entries and they turned out to be more creative and interesting than the writing that I was doing consciously. So that propelled me and I had the dream journal going for a few years—it’s a discipline because one really can’t wait to write them in the morning. Get up and the image dissolves.

What We Have In Common

My intention with What We Have In Common was to articulate true statements. A series of headings and statements where I wrote an observation about life needed a occasional breather, so I came up with a concept for illustrating the book with human figures (like you see on the cover). They increase exponentially as the statements increase in number until the figures just run for pages and pages to the end. Given that, it’s like an art book. Concept being: we have a lot of people!

Open Book Society

The poems in Open Book Society are of a wide variety so I was happy to land on a way to describe the collection (click the back of book). Some were composed with a guitar and those have an almost architectural soundness. I observed that all the poems in the collection are more abstract than naturalistic or confessional. But I saved these poems for so many years that I finally decided to rescue them from the hard drive (bit rot). It was going to be a two-part book, with the second part being more recent poems—that was far too long so the second part will be another book.



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