Portland Tech Showcase

You’re welcome to join us at a party for Portland’s tech community in The Parker, a new apartment building on NW 12th and Pettygrove. The grand opening is Monday September 22nd and special events are on the top floor.
Indie game developers will have an apartment showcasing their work, including an Oculus Rift development kit brought by Cinder Solutions, a local hardware developer. Cinder made a game controller for use with the virtual reality headset. Will Lewis of Portland Indie Game Squad and a group of local developers will set up their games for people to explore. And in a neighboring apartment, we have a reception room for the tech community. The social hour with food and drinks starts at 5:30pm and presentations by local companies and start-ups will be from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Learn about new work from these Portland entrepreneurs:

Nate Geier, CEO, and Randall A. Gordon, CTO of www.coursetto.com

Terry Thornton, CTO of www.cleanreach.com

Crystal Beasley, CEO of Qcut www.crystalbeasley.com

Balki Kodarapu, CEO of www.ondreampath.com

Tyrone Poole CEO of www.noappfee.com

Mara Zepeda, CEO of www.switchboardhq.com

Paul Burdick, VP of Engineering www.impactflow.com

Ian Pulicano and Anna Guyton, Co-Founders of www.bitconsultants.org

Judy Tan of www.genkisu.com

Sara Morrow, Corporate Recruiter at www.jamasoftware.com


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