An essential commodity is food.


In the industrialized world, most people buy their food rather than raise it themselves. If money can’t buy you a meal, the currency has little value. Mass starvation happens throughout history, in the recent past, and right now. Hunger is constant. Temporarily relieved, you may forget it even exists. If you couldn’t purchase food at the market, how much food could you get by hunting, gathering, and growing?


To learn how to communicate with other people we relate to them.


Though we may not even understand our own feelings, we can find them expressed in music, books, and movies. Other people have had similar life experiences and through their stories we can better understand ourselves. Culture creates the context to relate more intimately with other people.

Identity is a social condition.


Who you are with your family can be different from who you are at work. An identity that is useful in one situation could be abhorrent in another. Creating an identity is natural, it can happen without conscious manipulation. You have a core identity that adapts around the edges to accommodate each situation. An individual can do many things but the useful action comes to the fore. It becomes your role in society.