Where do you get your power?


To ensure survival, people adapt to their surroundings. How one chooses to survive in society is an expression of their values. Conditions that empower an individual will influence their values—it could happen within their community, school, profession, or even a relationship.


Strong attachments are a survival instinct.


We form bonds with other people to make it in the world. When a relationship becomes an economic partnership, we value an individual by what he or she can contribute. Sexual attraction may be mysterious but the first date can resemble a job interview.

We are social creatures.


You are born into a class, race, and culture. Being alone isn’t a favorable condition for survival. You need other people to survive. Your family. Your community. Your friends can help you realize your full potential. You see your higher self in another person and your love nurtures the emergence of the higher self.

As individuals we agree to restraints that are useful.


We can enter a contract that may limit behavior, like a non-disclosure agreement or marriage, but the benefits are often worth it. And disciplines can afford us a profession. Given the number of potential competitors, a profession protects itself with barriers to entry, usually in the form of licenses and specialized language. How do you get the license that measures what you’re worth?