For every possible belief there is someone to believe it.

Belief can be willed. You can believe something to be true because you want it to be true, or because someone told you it was true. If people can believe anything they want and believe they are right, how can you tell when you’re deceiving yourself or when your perception of reality is being manipulated by others?

Actively questioning your beliefs leads to a better understanding of what you believe and why. There is nothing absolute about the truth. It can change with your perspective, with age. What is true for everybody is like gravity. You can tell yourself a unique story about gravity, and yet everyone experiences the pull of gravity. What is gravity?

We ask questions to learn the truth. There is a difference between the desire to know and the desire to be right. Convincing arguments and presentations of select pieces of information can create a desired perception of reality. No one has perfect information. Critique isn’t as important as modeling a better idea.

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