We communicate who we are before saying a word.

If a person can’t speak, they communicate with symbols. Your clothes can communicate a social class. Language is a sound and a symbol. We recognize the pattern of depiction as it corresponds to our experience. The increasing complexity of a language requires time to create, memorize and understand. Spoken words run together; they become a continuous sound rather than a separate words. We recognize a pattern in the sound of language. When people speak a shared language they use more than words.

Culture is the collective experience of people. I am a social being. I live in a family, a community, a school, a company. We are interdependent with plants, animals, even soil micro-organisms. It’s odd to think we depend upon plants. Our source of life is cosmic—even without a spiritual interpretation of the word. Our energy comes from the Sun.

People resound to the environment. It is hot. They seek shade. It is cold. They seek warmth. Our culture is a representation of our experience. It becomes rigid with time. Our customs and codes have the solidity of buildings. Culture becomes an artifact, distant and unchanging. A relationship with another person can change all this: trying to impress a lover can motivate enormous change in lifestyle.


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