Children’s book about a boy and his cow

Click to read the pages. I’m writing and illustrating a picture book to bring to a conference in New York City next January. The Red Cow is a children’s book about  Adam’s quest to rescue his family cow. When Mamo gets swept away in a flood, Adam must rely on his new friend, a schoolboy who comes from a different culture. The two boys and a helpful parent work together to save Mamo. This story combines realism and fantasy to show a child’s seamless grasp of the natural world and technology.


Earth is the center of the universe until humanity creates a telescope.

People tell themselves stories about nature. Stories can transfer information from place to place and from generation to generation. We have the ability to develop our knowledge through culture. New instruments, new data, and new means of communication result in new interpretations of reality. Data visualization is a medium for exploration and storytelling. We use computers to map the genetic code. As billions of people interact online, we use statistics and probability to understand human behavior. Our ability to measure change in population, weather, natural resources leads us to a new understanding of civilization.