A valuable man in prehistory is the hunter.

The one who can kill a large mammal with a pointed stick, he’s going to experience the love of the tribe. A tribe is a food sharing group. If no one will share their food, you have to go find it. How much food can you find in a day?

The essential commodity is food. Most people’s connection to food is mediated by the marketplace. If money can’t buy you a meal, the currency has little value. If there is no food on the market, people take notice. Mass starvation happens throughout history, in the recent past, and right now.

Food is the ultimate source of well-being. A nation-state secures the land needed to grow food. In a global marketplace, rich countries buy land in poor countries to plant crops for export. The subsistence farmers who once provided food for their community lose their land to an export crop, and end up buying imported and packaged goods.

The documentary, Life and Debt, by Stephanie Black, tells the story of the impact of globalization on the people living in Jamaica, the island where Christopher Columbus landed in 1494.


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