Little Mole Brings His Friends

Little Mole Brings His Friends

Thanks to Harold Underdown for his great site on publishing children’s books! The Purple Crayon


Preparing for the Potluck

This is the first spread in my new book, Little Mole Brings His Friends. When Rabbit decides to have a potluck, Little Mole invites other animals and after everyone refuses, he ends up going to the party with a discombobulated bee and a turnip.

Out to Invite Friends

Little Mole is out to invite a friend to Rabbit's potluck.

Little Wolverine Goes to Sleep

It’s a bedtime book for little people. There are short sentences, bright colors, and animal characters. The inspiration for the story came from an article about the effect of climate change on endangered species.

The first edition is available at This print-on-demand service is used mostly for books of photography, so it works well for color illustration. And, the book can be read online:

Little Wolverine Goes to Sleep