Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design of Movies

Everything’s connected. We recognize our connection to a meaningful existence through storytelling. Entertainment exists through laughing at ourselves. The film is not reality. The film approximates reality. A film can model new ideas.

Realism is an illusion. The trick is to forget about the camera. A LEED movie happens with no constructed sets, no explosions, no special effects, no catering, and no script. The visual medium requires pulling back from talking heads to find meaningful coincidence in the scene. If it is a meaningful coincidence, what does it mean?

We tell ourselves a story everyday. This is my life. This is me. This is my family. These are my friends. Sometimes there is a dramatic change and we tell ourselves a new story. We seek a new understanding.

Everything is alive and significant. The camera transforms reality into a symbol. The viewers interpret symbols to understand themselves. The LEED actor is drawn to scale – six and a half billion to one. The individual recedes into the big picture. There is no celebrity. The viewer celebrates life.


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