Opening Night at The Brody Theater

Almost one hundred people are at The Brody Theater and artistic director Tom Johnson says, “This stage was completed – what? two hours ago?” Everyone is in their seats and it’s standing room only. Red lanterns hang over the bar and the recycled paper bag flooring is good as new. After twelve years in Portland, The Brody Theater is in its new location at 16 NW Broadway. Through the years, every weekend they build comedy with the dynamic of the moment. “And to get us started, give me a suggestion for a location,” says actor Devin Harkness. Someone calls out from the room, “The North Pole.” “Okay,” Harkness smiles. “The North Pole, thank you very much.”

The shows happen every Friday and Saturday starting at 8 pm and Johnson says, “We’ll start adding late night shows as we get up and running.” The theater is a social mixer – especially for people who want to perform. “I’m not quite the man I was,” Harkness says in doddering old man voice. “No, you’re better,” says scene partner Marilyn Divine. “You’re like cheese.” The Brody Theater teaches improv and the classes are a unique opportunity to meet people and play.

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