Omnipresent Awareness

When you encounter a meaningful coincidence, something comes to your awareness. Information and intelligence don’t have one fixed location, and so the question arises: if all life is connected and the world is alive and intelligent, can it communicate? Does it communicate like a dream, through symbols?

A dream is visual. The symbols bring something to your conscious awareness. You interpret the subconscious through symbols. It’s your intuition. Maybe, it could also be called a sixth sense. But, with that term, I tend to think of clairvoyance, or some developed psychic ability, which is like the extraordinary refinement of intuition. So my sense is that the subconscious communicates through images or very short phrases – like one word, or two, just like clues.

Does an intelligence connected to all life communicate in symbols by drawing your attention to objects, moments, juxtapositions of meaning in the world much like meaning is created in a dream?

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