Informational Meeting about Land Bridge over 405

Portland’s West Quadrant Plan

Land Bridge over 405

8:00am Thursday January 29th

Continental Breakfast Meeting at ProspectPDX

434 NW 6th Ave, Suite 302 in Old Town Portland

 Join us for an informational meeting about Portland’s West Quadrant Plan. This is a social mixer with business owners and everyone who cares about getting around in downtown Portland. We’ll be talking about the potential to build a land bridge over a section of 405. Architecture journalist Brian Libby has written about capping 405 and will speak at the event along with Dan Friedman. The access to 405 is the same, the freeway just goes into a “tunnel” underneath the cap that spans the two sides of the canyon. The land bridge would connect the neighborhoods west of downtown to the city center and create new space for parks and development. What could be built atop the freeway that will make this project most compelling to Portlanders?

autobahnGraphic from Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in Hamburg, Germany

The City of Portland West Quadrant Plan includes Freeway Capping in its twenty year plan. A public hearing on the plan happens February 4 and Prospect PDX will host an informational meeting 8am Thursday January 29 to discuss the potential for a land bridge over 405. We’ll review structures built over freeways in other cities around the world, and Dan Friedman will present a slideshow of the retail cap built over the I-670 in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s inspiring to remember Tom McCall Park began as a citizen driven initiative and the potential for a cap over 405 was studied by Mayor Vera Katz’s administration. We’ll talk about what we’d like to see built and creative ways to finance a structure. We anticipate Karl Lisle and Mark Raggett from the City of Portland will be at the meeting to answer questions and provide perspective as we look into the conditions that make the freeway cap a practical solution to the demand for new space.

With a twenty year plan, it’s possible to place the freeway capping in the context of a realistic timeline that prioritizes the most needful projects in the West Quadrant and projects a tipping point when it makes sense to create a land bridge over 405. We’re going to talk about where on 405 and what could be built on a land bridge that will make the project most practical, and possible. You’re welcome to attend! If you’d like to join the conversation, please RSVP:

Portland, Oregon: Video Production & Multimedia Internship with ProspectPDX

ProspectPDX is looking for an intern who can help out on commercial production. Experience not required, they want you to learn new skills. The biggest requirement is being passionate and hard-working. They’re offering ten hours a week for three months. It’s open ended. The main focus will be video but you’ll probably work with other media. If you’re resourceful and able to learn on the fly, apply! Selected candidates will hear a reply in mid-January.


Active link to online application form:

Portland Tech Showcase

You’re welcome to join us at a party for Portland’s tech community in The Parker, a new apartment building on NW 12th and Pettygrove. The grand opening is Monday September 22nd and special events are on the top floor.
Indie game developers will have an apartment showcasing their work, including an Oculus Rift development kit brought by Cinder Solutions, a local hardware developer. Cinder made a game controller for use with the virtual reality headset. Will Lewis of Portland Indie Game Squad and a group of local developers will set up their games for people to explore. And in a neighboring apartment, we have a reception room for the tech community. The social hour with food and drinks starts at 5:30pm and presentations by local companies and start-ups will be from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Learn about new work from these Portland entrepreneurs:

Nate Geier, CEO, and Randall A. Gordon, CTO of

Terry Thornton, CTO of

Crystal Beasley, CEO of Qcut

Balki Kodarapu, CEO of

Tyrone Poole CEO of

Mara Zepeda, CEO of

Paul Burdick, VP of Engineering

Ian Pulicano and Anna Guyton, Co-Founders of

Judy Tan of

Sara Morrow, Corporate Recruiter at

Portland Film Festival 2014

Last November I began inviting filmmakers and authors to participate on panel discussions at the Portland Film Festival. Thanks to Steve Doughton, we’re fortunate to have Jon Raymond on the screenwriting panel. Raymond has a collection of short stories, Livability, featuring the Pacific Northwest (most take place in Portland), and he’s made four movies set in Oregon with Kelly Reichardt, including Night Moves and Meek’s Cutoff. PDXFF14indie

I first discovered Ted Chiang in an article about a movie, Enemy, that mentioned the director’s next project, Story of Your Life. Ted Chiang is a 21st century Borges, a master of short fiction. His story, Understand, is also slated for a screen adaption. PDXFF14scifi

We’ve also got the area’s hottest literary agent, Fiona Kenshole, moderating a panel discussion on adapting books to film. She’s worked with major directors and screenwriters, acquiring and adapting books and original scripts into movies, including the Academy-nominated Coraline. See to discover what we’ve prepared for you. PDXFF14booksI put together the posters using Photoshop and InDesign.

An essential commodity is food.


In the industrialized world, most people buy their food rather than raise it themselves. If money can’t buy you a meal, the currency has little value. Mass starvation happens throughout history, in the recent past, and right now. Hunger is constant. Temporarily relieved, you may forget it even exists. If you couldn’t purchase food at the market, how much food could you get by hunting, gathering, and growing?